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E safety

At St Margaret's keeping children safe is of paramount importance, especially when they are using the many varied technologies that are available to them.  We aim to protect and help children understand the risks associated with these technologies both in school and at home.

All children are taught the SMART rules both in computing sessions and in specific e-safety sessions.  These are displayed around the school and referred to regularly.

E Safety Help & Advice for Parents

Here are some quick tips for keeping your children safe on-line:

You are the responsible adult. You pay the bill. You own the phone. Therefore, you have the right and responsibility to be a good watchdog for your child.

  • Talk to your child about staying safe online and reassure them that it is ok to talk to you about anything that concerns them
  • Consider limiting access to mobile phones and tablet devices in certain areas of the home or at certain times e.g. not in their bedroom or not after 8pm.
  • There are Apps available that allow you to limit access to certain times e.g. OurPact, Screen Time Parental Control.
  • Keep a note of your child’s password to social media accounts so that you can monitor activity.
  • Be curious; know where they are going and where they have been online. Advise children not to respond to abusive or obscene postings whether this is online, text messages or video messages. You can report incidents of abusive emails and inappropriate sites to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your mobile service provider should have a number that you can ring to report abusive messaging.
  • Be ahead of the game - Ask your children to teach you how to use what they are using, find out about the latest apps.

For further advice or support on how to keep your child safe online please look at any of these websites below:


Click on the poster below for 7 different ways to help start a conversation with you child about online safety or talk to your child's teacher for further support.


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