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At St Margaret’s we value the role that Home Learning/homework can play as part of a child’s learning journey. We believe homework should be proportionate to the age and ability of the child but that children should also take part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities outside of school.

Home learning across the school is given out on a Friday and should be returned for marking on a Wednesday. Generally children will be given either a piece of Maths or English to complete each week. Higher up the school, both may be given.

Spelling or phonic activities are also given weekly across the school. This tends to be on a Friday and children will be tested the following week.

At St Margaret’s we expect all children to read at least 5 times a week for at least 5 minutes in KS1 and 10 minutes in KS2. We find however that most children are able to read for much longer periods of time. All reading should be recorded in a child’s reading record book. We invite parents to make comments on how their children have performed or any difficulties they may have had.

At the beginning of each term a Home learning project is given which relates to the topic the children will be exploring that half term. Children are asked to produce a piece of work based around this topic. This can be in any form they choose such as a Powerpoint presentation, a piece of writing, a model or even a cooking project. We have had some very creative ideas in the past. Children are given opportunities to present their work to the class. The idea behind the Home Learning projects is to develop the children’s curiosity in a subject and enable them to develop research skills.

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