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Year 6 ~ RED KITES

Hello Golden Eagle class!

I hope you are all keeping well, keeping busy and enjoying a bit of fresh air and sunshine in the garden when you can!

Below, I have included a couple of links to our class page and curriculum map for this half term so you can see what we would have been working on in school.  Please have a look at them and it might give you some ideas as to what you can research to keep you busy and so you do not miss out on any learning.

As well as all of the log-ins for different websites that you have, I have also included a few websites of really excellent ideas and resources you can look at to keep you busy.  The PE with Joe Wicks is an excellent way to get you moving at the start of the day and so easy to access on YouTube – please try it out!

Now, with so much time on our hands, it’s also the time to take time with family to do the things we never seem to have time for – play a board game, invent a game, do some gardening with your family, learn to cook something new… try to embrace this time as much as you can.  I am sure that, when life has returned to normal, we will all want to look back and think about the new skills we learnt during this time and how we all made the most of such a tricky situation.

Once again, I just wanted to say how super proud I am of all of you and how brilliantly you all coped with all the changes last week.  I could not be prouder to be your class teacher and, hopefully, this will all pass soon and we will be able to reunite and celebrate the end of the school year together.

Please, most importantly, take care of yourself and your family.  Be kind.  Be safe.  Keep busy!

Wishing you and your family all well,

Mrs Leonard.

Click on the link below to view our Class Page for Spring 2


Click on the link below to view the Medium Term Plans for Spring 2

YEAR 6 - RED EAGLES - Medium Term Curriculum Planner

YEAR 6 - RED EAGLES - Medium Term Plans - English

YEAR 6 - RED EAGLES - Medium Term Plans - GPS & Spelling

YEAR 6 - RED EAGLES - Medium Term Plans - Guided Reading

YEAR 6 - RED EAGLES - Medium Term Plans - Maths

YEAR 6 - RED EAGLES - Medium Term Plans - R.E. - Salvation

Here are some other things you could do while you are at home.  I will try and update this as often as I can, so keep coming back and looking for more things to learn.

Don't forget to use TTRS, Bug Club, Doodle Maths and Education City for more learning!  The teachers can see who is using them well!

More things to keep you entertained!

  • Not sure how to organise your day with your child - try one of these timetables or make your own with this cut and stick timetable.
    Example Home learning timetable



  • Our Sports Partnership has produced a list of things the children can do to keep active in the garden.  Being outdoors as much as possible will keep your mind refreshed and yourselves positive!
    Sports Partnership challenges - Get Active!


  • Not sure what methods your child uses in maths to add, subtract, multiply and divide?  Look at the school's calculation policy for help.
    Calculation Policy 2019.docx


  • ISING POP! We all love iSing Pop at St Margaret's.  They have started their own YouTube channel where you can learn new songs, watch bible stories and next week learn all about the Easter story.  They are constantly updating it.  Subscribe and get singing!





  • Carol Vorderman has a site which is excellent for supporting maths.  She has made it free or the foreseeable future.  Sign up today!




  • A really fun website which includes exercise routines for children of all ages – you can sign up for a free trial!




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